• Mount Assiniboine

  • On the Great Divide Trail : in Banff

  • In Tombstone

  • Julien and Piia on the Great Divide Trail


Julien Schroder is an adventurous guy who discovered the joy of hiking and photographing in French Alps a few years ago. Piia Kortsalo has always liked the same activities and since their first hiking trips in Finland, Sweden and Norway, they are always thinking of the next big trip.

This website was their tool to share their adventures with people whoever likes outdoor activities, travelling and new experiences.

As they parted ways, this website isn't updated anymore but feel free to browse if you have any interest in Alaska, Canada and long hiking trips. 

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Unfortunately, Julien and Piia were not able to escape life together anymore. Ironically we could say that life caught them up.

This website will stay online for a few years as there are some good informations, about the Great Divide Trail by example, but it won't be updated anymore.

The blogs will stay online as well as long as Blogger exists.


Julien created another website called arctic-mood.com where he shares a few pictures. Piia is practising her photography skills and will post her website when she creates one.

Thank you for following us during those few years.