Our view of Alaska

Alaskan Experience2



Alaska, the last frontier, was a dream comes true for us.


It’s a place of true wilderness. A place where moose take a nap at your backyard. A place where you see a group of eyes watching you in dark from the forest next to your cabin and you can’t leave wolves out of the equation. A place where you can leave from your front door and hike to the middle of nowhere. 


Alaska is also a place of mixed population. People with diverse backgrounds, nationalities and reasons to be in or come to Alaska. There are the native people who were here first. Who have all the knowledge and traditions to live in harsh environment and survive. And there are people from “outside”. People from the other states of USA, from Europe and from Asia. So at the end you feel the whole world meets in the huge land of Alaska. You hear impressive life stories from people who have amazing journeys behind or in front of them. Alaska is definitely place of the adventurous. 


Still Alaska remains wild, almost isolated. Where true wilderness has another side of it. It’s a place where people come to be in private and take care of their own business. It’s a place where trespassers are threatened to be shot if got lost in a private property. It’s a place where people carry guns. 

But it’s also a place where while grocery shopping strangers ask about your day. Where services can be paid later. And where you always find help whether it’s your car in the ditch or a product that you can only find from the store nextdoor. 


We had the chance to see the Alaskan wilderness, enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, explore remote areas and hike hills and valleys. And we had the chance to live everyday life. So we got up in the morning, went to work, came back home, did some chores, had dinner and went to bed. And still, while driving to work we were constantly amazed to see the mountain range in south. While doing the chores in barn we were amazed to witness the circle of life and food. And while going to bed and falling asleep we were amazed and grateful just by thinking “I’m in Alaska”.