Goodbye lapland




This trip came in my mind (julien) while working at Nellim hotel during the winter season 2011. I wanted to do something huge, I wanted to visit as much as possible before leaving Finland. I have considered many options, doing Nellim - Kirkenes then hitch-hiking until Sweden and continue to hike there. Then Christophe, the musher with whom I was working told me about a trail, the Nordkallotleden, supposed to be about 1000 km long. That was a good start and a funny way to leave Lapland, by foot.

I digged out every single information and I loved it. It wasn't like a highway, not many people hike it every year. It goes from Kautokeino to Kvikjokk and permit to hike through a lot of amazing and really diversified landscapes. Then I thought that maybe I could try to start from Inari. i studied maps and found a trail going from Inari to Karigasniemi and I heard that there was some trails north of Karasjok, the project was born.

Marie who were my colleagues in Nellim for few month wanted an adventure, she got one, I invited her to cover the first third of the trail, from Inari to Kautokeino.

Piia, my girlfriend, was interested as well by doing a nice hiking trip, I invited her to do Kilpisjarvi Kvikkjokk with me.

By this way I would hike about a third of the 1400km alone and two third with really easy going and close friends. That sounded like a good plan.


We planned and purchased everything from Nellim and Oulu wich was a bit challenging to produce a lightwheight list but we managed to be light enough. It was pretty hard to plan the food since we were'nt sure about our speed, Marie and Piia were not used to hike so much so we would have to walk and see. An other difficulty was that we didn't know anything about the trail, was it clean and easy or more like heavy bushwacking, we had to plan some extra gear and food in case it gets really messy there.


We Finally started our trip the 17/06/2011 we figured that it was a good timing in order to have no snow and time enough to complete the all things before August.


Here is the base of what I had in my bag.

On me: 3262 g
0045      watch
0040      Compass
0600      Trekking poles
0070      Buff * 2
0070      Cap
0500      Pants
0172      tee-shirt
0060      Underwear
1700      Shoes
0075     Socs
0030     Mosquito net
Bag without food and water: 9637g
Carrying (3723 g)       
1200       Backpack
1420      Tent
0046      Tent floor                                        
0840      Sleeping bag                                     
0217      Sleeping pad                                              
Pharmacy  (691g )   
0300      First aid                                                                        
0111     Survival kit
0080     Mosquitoe spray
0060     Soap                                                                                   
0050     Tooth paster + Tooth brush
0060     Towel                                                                    
0030     Paper                                  
Kitchen (689 g)
0130     Pot
0190     Wood stove                
0070     Lighter                                                                                       
0160     Water bottle
0009     Spoon                                                         
0010     Sponge 
Clothe (2963g)       
0350     Jacket                       
0453     Insulated jacked
0314     Fleece                   
0230     Tee-shirt
0084     Socks                                    
0120     Underwear                                                   
0120     Waterproof pants
0230     Poncho                                       
0800     River shoes
0100     Gloves
0042     Beany
0120     Short
Divers (1570g)         
0030     Money + passport                
0040     Paper + Pen 
1500     DLSR Canon EOS 400D + Grip + 6 batteries                                                 
Food + water: 8980g
0500     water
0080     Wood for mountain days
8400     Food for 10 days
Total Weight: 18614g
On me : 3262 g
In the bag : 9637 g
Water + food : 8980 g