Team Tsuga Siberians video

We first met Mike and Sue Ellis when we visited their kennel in Two Rivers in summer 2012. From Europe we had followed Mike’s Yukon Quest earlier that year and we already knew his reputation as a great musher. 

When we saw their kennel we were imediately amazed by the beauty of their Siberian dogs and the way Mike and Sue treated them, with full respect. From that moment Team Tsuga Siberians has been our favourite sled dog kennel and we have visited these new friends a couple of times more and followed Mike’s races. 

We were also thinking of ways to support them and found some friends who were ready to participate in a good cause: we got Mike and Sue a GoPro camera that hopefully would allow them to capture their moments with their dogs. 

Mike used the camera in his first Iditarod race in 2013 and from the pictures and video clips we produced a video of Team Tsuga Siberians Iditarod Adventure. We want to share the video here and encourage everyone to support our friends, Team Tsuga Siberians. You find their website in



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