Our way of travelling



For us travelling means not only exploring locations but also living in places. That’s why wherever we go we wish to stay for a while, to get the whole picture so to say.


What we seek is to be part of the life in the country, city, town or small village of our choice. For example we enjoyed the life as Alaskan people by getting a full-time job and living with an Alaskan family. We know that one year didn’t make us experts but at least we got an insider view.


For us that is the best way to discover new places, through everyday life. And that is what we wish to do wherever we go. Travelling this way isn’t always easy though. You are constantly faced with tons of paper work relating to different visas and permits. You are always looking for new jobs and ways to make money. You can’t buy an interesting book or handy baking tools since you have to keep your possession minimal. And it’s not the life filled with luxuries.


But then again, instead of a sticker on a fridge door we get stamp on our passport. Instead of one type of work experience we get plenty. We learn to be creative with what we have and enjoy the small comforts in life.


We gather memories, pictures and blog posts that prove we have done something that is amazing for us. That’s our choice and for now we think it’s totally worth it. And one day when we don’t think that anymore, we hope this website will be full of amazing stories from our lives around the world.