Our way of seeing each other

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My way of seeing Piia (by Julien)


Piia is Finnish that tells a lot already.


She has been raised with two brothers older than her and that tells a lot as well. What does it tell, it tells that Piia never gives up; she is impossible to stop while hiking and is never tired (which is tiring when you are in pain behind her). She loves to be outside, no matter if it’s for skiing, taking pictures, hiking, snow machining, gardening etc…


She doesn’t mind to live in a dry cabin far from town in Alaska or to not take shower during a few weeks while in hiking. She doesn’t mind neither being outside in -50°C or even go skiing in such temperature. So she is an outside woman for sure, however she has got some solid skills in geography and is a pretty good teacher, she doesn’t mind working and learn something different for work and that helps a lot when we are looking for job quickly.


It is because of all those reasons that Piia is one of very few people on this planet that can share this crazy life and hiking trips with me and I’m glad I found her, even though I had to go pretty far north to find her.



My way of seeing Julien (by Piia)


Julien is a French guy and though he says leaving France a few years ago was easy, the country doesn’t leave a man so easily. While abroad Julien dreams about smelly cheese, real baguette and wine with true characteristic that can only be found in his homeland. Well, you might see these characters in Julien as well. Still he never complains about a simple life he’s chosen to live. A life that doesn’t include fancy food or drinks, but gives him much more.


Julien sees life as a big adventure, whether it’s a new country with studies or a job, or a huge backpacking trip out in the wilderness. Julien isn’t afraid of challenges and always finds a way around no matter what he faces in life. He’s one of the bravest persons I know. He can also fix everything, whether it’s something in our car or my bad mood.


Julien has plenty of knowledge in environmental issues, gathered in studies of ecology, geography and remote sensing. He has also an impressive skill of reading landscapes, learned in hiking trips in French Alps during several years. He keeps amazing me every time we are out in hiking. Not once I have had to worry about getting where we want to be. Even without a map or a compass, Julien knows where he is.


One of the passions in Julien’s life is photography and he has a great eye for beautiful images. He’s never tired of learning new and developing his skills, what makes him an ambitious photographer. Julien has taught me to take life as it is, to don’t worry too much. His “we’ll see” attitude has helped me to relax and enjoy fully our journey around the world.


He’s the kind of guy who you want to share your adventures with. He makes it feel safe and easy. And I feel extremely lucky to have him with me, wherever we choose to go next.