Why escape life?

Escape Life2



In order to avoid misunderstandings about the name of our website we wanted to tell the story behind escaping life. 


When we started travelling together and came to Alaska, Piia had graduated from university and Julien had only six-month-long internship to do for his master’s degree. For Piia it would have been perfect time to find a serious job, maybe in an environmental project or as a teacher, and start a responsible life. For Julien it would have made sense to find an internship in a typical big French company and that way improve his resume and chances to secure his future. That is what most people do. And that is what most people told us we should do. 


It just seems we don’t think that way. We wanted to get away from everything that felt too serious, too responsible, too typical and too secure. Our adventures are the escape from the life that was drawn for us. Instead of that, we wanted something different. 


Still it doesn’t mean we don’t live everyday life wherever we are. We just want to live that in different places, around the world. And our lifestyle doesn’t mean we are on a holiday. Wherever we go our goal is to find a job and especially the kind that is related to our education and allows us to develop our skills. 


For us escaping life means exploring the world, traveling and experiencing amazing places, and gathering memories that we can later look back and think “Wow, what a life!”


Piia and Julien, life escapers